737 900 vs MAX

MAX is the newest. But, Boeing is still making 737-900ER for their Next Generation fleet.

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The the MAX is different in composition, engines, wings, cockpit, and more, but it still has the classic shape of the 737. What sets the MAX apart from the 737NG is the effieciency and range increase. It’s basically 737 3.0.


The MAX is newer. In a nutshell, the MAX is an upgraded 739 and 738.
The MAX boats a lot of better features like its fuel efficiency and engines


Yeah, but certainly not soon. If I were to speculate, maybe later 2020?

idk, we will have to find out

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Hey @Patria,

The MAX and the 737-900ER are two very different aircraft and are both amazing aircraft. The aircraft design on each aircraft are different, including cockpits, wings, engines and so forth.

If you would like to see the MAX Family added in the future, then be sure to vote on the topic linked below if you haven’t already. :)

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MAX is newer. The difference is on the engines. there is a little difference, but both have now switched to the new winglets included on the MAX as well as the other 737s. Also, MAX has much better efficiency and engines meaning a much greater range. Overall, its still the same 737 airframe for the most part.

Is the 737 900, 800 and 700 basically the same but longer versions?

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No, the NGS and MAX are pretty different aircraft.

You forgot the -600 too but yeah basically, though they do have different thrust settings and weight limits. But from the outside the only way you can tell them apart is by their size. (Except the -900ER which has an extra door behind the wings.)

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The 737-700, -800, and -900 are all the same, called NG or New Generation, but stretched to different lengths, the 737 MAX (MAX 7, MAX 8, MAX 9, MAX 10) is a whole new plane with New winglets (not splits, those are on the NG) and new engines being the most notable from the exterior, but they are rather difficult to tell apart from some distance.

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The 600 is not in the 7,8, and 9 hundred category. That aircraft doesn’t have winglets, therefore doesn’t fall into the CG category, but the PG category.

As for the main question. No, the 900isn’t newer. The MAXs start beginning service recently, mainly starting in late 2015-early 2016. The MAXs have improved Winglets, that more resemble sharklets. The 7,8 and 900 versions have winglets, but in later models, they added a mini winglet on the underside for aerodynamics.

What do you mean with CG and PG? the 600 is in the same generation as the -900 -800 and -700. It doesn’t matter if it has winglets or not. There are 7/8/900s without winglets too.

Current Gen And Past Gen. And no, it belongs to the 4,5, and 600 category. And yes, IK there are 7/8/9s without the split scimitars.

Please do a Google search and you’ll see that the 737-600 belongs to Next Generation (600/700/800/900(ER))
And not the Classic Generation (300/400/500)

Continue via PM if you want.

The 737-600 is a NG model. The 737-600/700/800/900 originally did not have winglets. They were introduced later in service, and with the 737-600 not selling well, Boeing did not want to invest in getting the winglet certified on the 600 which is why it doesn’t have them.


-600 is NG


Thanks @Matthew_Brittain! The 736 is often forgotten about but is indeed a NG model.

Now in regards to the 900 vs a 9 MAX, they’re the same basic plane size but the updated version of the 737. The MAX has the new engines, the revised advanced tech winglets and other improvements for fuel burn.


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