737-900 Turbulence

I was flying from KACY to EGLL and I would hit bad turbulence over the Atlantic Ocean. Why does this happen, and how do I avoid it?

In infinite flight you can really avoid it, there is no turbulence maps so it will just come at random, the only way to potentially avoid it is by changing you altitude, other than that just fly through it, it does nothing really

It’s usually caused by changes in airflow and multiple other factors… Check out windy.com, it shows you where the most wind is…

Well over the atlantic it’s almost impossible to avoid, as the jet stream is well there. Furthermore going east over, you usually get a good tail wind, rather then a head wind so

Is it because the aircraft is heavy, is that a factor?

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It could be, yes. Also the speed is sometimes is a factor too.

I start at a cruising altitude of 28,200, and then I will work my way up to 35,000. My cruise speed is Mach.79.

I would start at FL330 and then up to FL350 then finally FL370

I put about 8 hours and 24 minuets if fuel in the plane, is that to heavy for the 737-900.

It should be fine

I am going to start at 30,000 with a full fuel load, thank you!

@InfiniteFlight48 - what was your flight plan?

I am flying from KACY to EGLL

Nice, but what is your entire flight plan? Fixes, VORs, other navaids, coordinates, ect.

I usually just set up my takeoff, a few waypoints to set me en route, then I choose waypoints to line me up with the runway that I want to land at. Then I click my destination airport.

You might want to do some more in depth flight planning that takes into account the winds. Using a site like fpltoif.com will help you achieve a more realistic flight plan quickly.

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Thank you, and also should I do a stopover on the way to London or on the way back or both?

You don’t need to, unless you’re doing ba1/2 from eglc. All heavies can cross with no problem. If you’re not starting a new flight, just refuel on the ramp, no need to stop

Just to make sure, a 737-900 is fine both ways with no stopover. I add full fuel both ways, about 8 hours and 24 minutes.

739 is fine going east. Going west would actually require a fuel stop IRL. The distance is slightly over the range of the 739ER but the winds help going east.
Of course you can still try cuz there are no diversion and emergency rules to follow.