737-900 Transatlantic Flight

This isn’t going to answer your question but you should easily make it without stopping, flight time would only be about 6 hours or maybe less and remember that 737s are used on cross country flights of the same length and from CA to Hawaii which is a 5 hour flight

Thank you, whenever the 737-900 is heavy it hits turbulence. How do I prevent this?

The A320 can fly from Charlotte to Dublin without stopping. Don’t see how the B739 can’t do KACY-EGLL.

How should I calculate my fuel, please leave suggestions.

Whenever I fly non stop on this route I hit turbulence and I’m assuming that it’s because the plane is heavy.

I’ve flown the A320 in some linger ones so it definitely has the range, and the 739 can hold more fuel than the 320

How do I make the flight not so turbulent?

You can’t, besides varying altitudes, the jet stream will knock you all over the place

Is that why the flight is so turbulent?

I am going to do non-stop on the way there, but on the way back should I stopover?

I don’t see how that would affect the level of turbulence. It depends on your fuel and flight plan/time, but chances are that you’d still encounter turbulence, stopover or not.

I fill the plane with fuel full at about 8 hours and 24 minutes.

I think the point is he wants the flight to be lightrr, but wpuldn’t that make it worse?

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“Airspeed, Altitude, Brains. You need at least two to survive!”

I’m just curious if the flight would stop in real life or do non-stop? So should I stop or go non-stop?

Well no idea but IRL there are diversion and emergency fuel requirements that we don’t need to account for in IF

In real life, would the plane stopover?

Depends. Where it is flying? An A321(ex-Thomas Cook) flying to somewhere in Florida did Shannon-Bangor-Florida. All depends on where there are flying to and from

I’m flying from KACY to EGLL on a Delta Airlines 737-900.

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I dont believe so but if it did it would be in Icleand (BIKF)