737-900 Transatlantic Flight

Hello, I am going to fly a flight from KACY to EGLL on a Delta Airlines 737-900. The flight nonstop is to much because the plane is to heavy that it hits turbulence. So I need a good stopover airport on the northeast coast before crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Please leave good airport recommendations, thank you!


St. John’s International Airport (CYYT) might be a good choice.


Boston is good. Montréal is probably your safest bet. Quebec City is also an option.


Thank you for the recommendations!

However, if you can, I suggest stopping at Reykjavik.


Bangor (KBGR) is a good one if that’s close enough, Shannon (EINN) on the other side.

Stop over in Iceland than carrier on should have enough range if you push it

Iceland is a very good stopover airport and the 737-900 can fly long enough to go to BIKF.


BA uses Shannon for their A318s. I usually go through Newfoundland, Nuul, or Reykjavik.

Want me to dig you a grave?

Lol just kidding, I know it is capable. Just plan well.


Actually going east the 739 should have enough range for that. You will need a stop over the other way though


Yeah I have done the flight nonstop but have stopped it because the plane is so heavy that the plane hits bad turbulence.

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I am going to make a voting poll for the stopover airports.

  • Boston(KBOS)
  • St.Johns(CYYT)
  • Keflavik(BIKF)
  • Shannon(EINN)

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Go to kpsm ;)

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There shouldn’t be a relation between the two things (weight and turbulence) to be honest apart from probably more turbulence at lower altitudes.

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you can stop at kbos

There is always Keflavik, Iceland

Thank you for everyone’s recommendations! I think that I am going to use St.Johns(CYYT) as my stopover airport.

Well obviously…