737-900 Roll Control Loss

Was on final for runway 10 at TJSJ, United 739, disconnected the autopilot when intercepting the visual approach at 2000 feet, slowed down, and the aircraft suddenly banked left and flipped over. I went full right joystick, but the roll axis was being cancelled out by something. My inputs were sensed for a right turn, but it did nothing and the aircraft continued banking. The Z and Y axis were fine, it wasn’t a Live Flight disconnect, I could pitch and control rudder with the joystick, but the X axis did nothing. I do use rudder pedals, and the joystick sometimes cancels those out, but the pedals do not cancel out the joystick. This has never happened in the year I’ve had the pedals and the 2 years I’ve had the joystick.

Here is the replay file.

Winds were calm.

Checked to make sure that the roll axis on the joystick was correct, and it was. That wasn’t the issue.

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Seb, I’m not entirely sure it was the third-party application and joystick that caused this. Both were working fine, I believe it was something with IF itself.

I don’t think that’s the right replay file. That’s a Asiana 747 flight from ZYCC to RSKI.

That can’t be possible

Well, that’s what I saw. Let me check again.

This one should work…

The joystick probably disconnected. Has happened to me before.

I explained in the original post that that wasn’t what happened.

I’d say, we need the black boxes here! 😉


I’ve studied the replay and found that during the left bank, there were 2 or 3 times that my input for full right aileron was recognized for about a quarter to a half second. Not joystick disconnection.

I can confirm with certainty that it happened twice

@schyllberg I would like to request this be moved back to #support since it isn’t an issue with a third party app

Since you didn’t use the native control system within Infinite Flight, it is a 3rd party issue indeed.

Oh ok.

With regards to the replay, are you able to see which inputs on the 3 axis came from where? Or how strong the inputs were?

Some times liveflight connect lags the inputs causing this type of problem , I’m thinking about getting a tablet S7 just to be able to use a joystick without issues .

Cant trust boeing 737s now. First it was pitch issues now turning nah im good lol.

i have a serious question though, were the ailerons moving on their own?

They went hard left and wouldn’t correct except in those two brief cases above. Pitch, throttle, and rudder were working fine

I really wish we had a FDR for this

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I hate to say this but if things are moving on their own youre ipad/phone may have a virus.