737-900 More to Love about this bug (see what did there)

So I was flying as we usually do on this sim and so I landed and noticed something weird where’s the reverse thrust animation so I exited out and tried again nothing then I tried another 737-900 and that worked fine so I was confused 🤷‍♂️.


Hello @Lovethisgame,

I just tested this out on my device, and there is a reverse thrust animation. It also wouldn’t be based on the livery, it would be based on the aircraft model.

Also to note is that reverse thrust automatically de-activates after a certain speed, usually around 50kts.

Have you tried the following:

  • Restarting the app completely.

  • Re-installing Infinite Flight from the app store.

Let me know if you have already tried these or if any of these suggestions work. :)

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I’m an idiot sorry didn’t even look at my speed thanks a lot @Declan_O


No worries, that would of been the issue. :)

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If you are using an android device you can try this to solve the issue Settings > General > Clear Cache

Im fairly sure that clear cache on android clears everything. Thats what iv’e told

It’s all good mate, it was just because of his speed.

Thanks for helping though!

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