737-900 Issues Since Update

Has anyone experienced issues with this aircraft since the update? Just tried to fly it on Live and the A/P didn’t work right and the aircraft was unusually difficult to control. Latest version of iOS and IF.


Hi there, I’ve actually experienced some issues with this aircraft as well, could you elaborate on what was unusual about the control/autopilot?

I would set the V/S at 2800 ft/min and the aircraft would not stabilize at that rate. It would go up to 3400+ and regardless of the setting it would not hold.

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I’ve experienced similar issues flying the 777-200LR. Auto land didn’t direct me to the runway. Either went offset or did a full circle. Felt usually stiff to control

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My issues were more concerning control, as the 737-900 just didn’t want to respond to my inputs.

I experienced this as well.

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Just to know, what was your weight?

I was 65% payload.

I tried it at 50% and didn’t have troubles, it stabilized at 2800ft/m and wasn’t hard to control. Maybe you were going too slow.
Also, for further help, please add in your original post your device, OS and IF version.

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I experienced the same issues with it. And it was also too sensitive to pitch controls, like the 787.

I found it the exact opposite of the 787. I enjoy the sensitivity of the 787. For me, at least, it’s just right. Not sure if it’s actually different between the devices

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I can’t make a stabilized approach with it. Back on topic though.

(Use trim 😉) I was flying at TPA in a 777-200LR and Autopilot messed up twice in a row. Both Vertical and horizontal assistants weren’t flashing (Meaning I was close enough in range to get an exact approach)

sometimes, when you go off autopilot, it thinks it still on it, but that’s just my personal experience

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