737-900 Cockpit

Hey guys- I’m debating over weather or not to purchase the Boeing 737-900! I already have the 737-700+800! I was wondering if there is any difference (In IF) in the cockpit between the 737’s I already have and the 737-9? Please help me and post screenshots of the 737-9 cockpit from IF if you have them!

No. It’s a common cockpit.

They’re all the same, try to differentiate a 737 700 cockpit and 737 800 cockpit in IF

There is a clear difference in the overhead panel in real life between a 700 and 800/900 on the air conditioning panel, but this isn’t reflected in IF. Although not entirely clear it seems IF uses the 800/900 overhead panel for the 700.

While the cockpits are mainly the same, it’s still a joy to fly

If you have those other two 737’a I would stick with those, and invest in another aircraft.
Unless… you want a specific livery on the 900…

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