737-800 weight off 10k lbs?

In simbrief I subtracted cargo, passengers, and fuel and got a weight of 90k lbs. in IF I make fuel, passengers, and cargo zero I get 80k lbs. am I missing something? Also simbrief gave me a tow of around 145k lbs and after loading my fuel I needed to max out passengers and cargo to reach that tow. Anyone else notice this?

Yeah, this does happen from time to time. It just depends on the base weights used - which may be different for the standard aircraft you can select from on SimBrief to IF.

You can configure your own aircraft in SimBrief, using the weight data from IF, and use them when calculating your flight plans. This should give some slightly more accurate and continuous results between the two.


Great idea! I will do that now.

Actually the easiest way is the maunally override the ZFW (zero fuel weight). I used to do this when used simbrief for fuel because there is also a different standard passenger weight used in IF.

Depends on how much the passenger weighs.

As some have suggested, simbrief is a decent platform to use. You can actually “add aircraft” to your fleet as an option. To get accurate weights I had the aircraft completely empty for the empty weight and that will give a decent Zero Fuel Weight when adding passengers and cargo. I usually take the number of passengers and multiply them by 75 assuming 75lbs of carry-on luggage per passenger. When all is loaded up, my load sheet will give me a planned takeoff weight and I’ll remove cargo as needed to get to that weight or below. Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the suggestion. Tried that last night and it worked perfectly.

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I checked the 738 data today for other reasons actually, and realized that the 738 and 739 actually use OEW closer to the 737-700 lol

In simbrief or IF?

In IF lol
B738 and B739 are probably identical planes in code

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