737-800 Typos on Yoke Checklist

(see photo)

737-800 yoke checklist has two spelling errors:

  1. Descent is misspelled “DECENT”
  2. Pressurization has British/Canadian spelling “PRESSURISATION” - Boeing is an American manufacturer and spells this word with a “zed”.

Thank you! Beautiful cockpit!

Device: all/NA
Operating system: all/NA


Since the issue is very tiny would it be possible to just ignore it? For such small issues, it would be unlikely to get a fix. The aircraft is also quite old and a rework would see this fixed.


The “decent” typo has already been reported, not sure if the pressurization one has been caught or not, good job spotting the issues. In the discord, Cameron mentioned that he’s unsure if the “decent” issue will be fixed anytime soon (probably cause it’s so minor).

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I didn’t realize that particular Discord channel in your screenshot was used to report bugs (or for anything else serious for that matter). I’ve muted it because it’s got a ton of white noise (“what up? I’m so bored lol uwu”) in it so I came over here and searched before posting. I’ll search over there for this stuff first before coming over here. Thanks for showing me that. 🙌🏻

It’s not used to report bugs. In fact it should not be used for that, and instead bugs should be reported via the forum or sending an email to support@infiniteflight.com. Fortunately, that time Cameron did see it (since he was talking there at that time) so he replied.

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