737-800 takeoff

Whenever I perform a takeoff in the 737-800, I end up striking the tail on the runway. I have tried rotating slowly and and less steeply but when I do this my plane never seems to get of the ground or if it does, it ends up touching down again. I am also sure that I use the right amount of flaps (5 or 10) and I rotate between 130-140 knots. Can anyone help me or tell me if I am doing anything wrong.

Thanks in advance. :-)


I would go about 20-30kts higher next time. Flaps 5 I would think would be a little too low. How does that sound? 👍🏻


130-140 knots is a little too slow for the 737-800. I rotate around 160 knots with no problems at all.


I would trim the plane 10 % it helps a lot 🙂

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Flaps 10-15 and rotate at 150-160

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Thanks I will try all of these 👍🏻


Have a look at this. Works perfect for me every time.

And I use approx 35-40 trim after calibrating . 88-89 N2 if around 60t weight. Slow rotation at Vr, 2-3 degree per second. After airborne 12,5 degrees in real life should allow you to maintain v2 +10 or 15

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I usually get it up with Flaps 10-15 (depending on weight) and then at about 150-160 (again, depending on weight)

It will depend on weight and runway length naturally.

Most normal takeoffs will be Flaps 1, 5 or 10. Short field or abnormal conditions could require up to Flaps 25 but that will be rare. Normal landing flaps is 25. Again, all depends on what you need and the conditions.

Typical Vr starts in the 140s and goes up from there.

Just as an example:
For a B738 at EETN, with a 78,600kg takeoff mass (pretty heavy), in current conditions would have the following v-speeds:

Flaps 1
V1 - 159
Vr - 162
V2 - 168

Flaps 5
V1 - 151
Vr - 153
V2 - 158

Flaps 10
V1 - 151
Vr - 152
V2 - 158

Just providing the above as examples to help you out.


I rotate around 160 knots, and at first I just pull the yoke up very slowly so the plane has a very slow (not steep) rotation, then you can pull the nose up to your desired climb rate. This gets rid of the tail strike and not having a clean rotation. Flaps should be at 5.

Vr for me is around 160 with flaps 5 :)

Ya trimming helps enormously!! I usually go 8-12%!

On the -700 with flaps 5, 13% Trim, and medium weight I usually rotate around 145kts

The -800 always with flaps 10, 15% Trim, medium weight, 148-152kts

-900. always flaps 10, 15% Trim, medium weight, 150-154kts

Practice always helps aswell

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