737-800 seems too low

I’ve just finished a flight form KBUR-KPSP in a 738 and when I took off, I always get the feeling that I’m going to tail strike. Everyone go ahead and takeoff in the 738 at any airport, then watch a video of one taking off. You will notice that IRL (In real life) that the 738 will take off very easily. But in IF you have to slowly pull up the nose and wait for it to get off the ground then pull as much as you would on any other aircraft.

I know that the 738 has more of a risk of a tail strike but it just seems that it is too low in IF.

I have many hours of flight time in the 738. What I do is put in throttle about 90% N1 and when I get around 150kts I pull back gently on the yoke and wait for the nose to get about 5* in the air. Once I’m about 10ft off the ground I pull back to achieve a positive climb and climb as usual. So to sum it up I mean that the 738 is to low to the ground.


The longer the aircraft, the greater the tailstrike risk. It doesn´t help that the 737 IRL sits low.


IMO the -900 is more likely to have a tail strike the -800 is fine

IKR? That always happens to me.

It’s not a bug, it’s just a flaw in Boeing’s design. Gentleness is the key when doing pitch inputs on the 737.

Here you have a better explanation as of why does the 737 seat so low on the ground.

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It can happen in real life. see the rotate of the boeing in the video


I don’t think some of you guys understand what I mean😂. I’m trying to say that the 738 is lower in Infinite Fly than in real life.

you’ll say “Infinite Flight

  • Go faster
  • rotate slower
  • be gentle (don’t yank her up)

And trim to helt in the rotation.

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