737-800 Repaint

Infinite flight has been operating the 737-800 for some time, but I was thinking that maybe a few new liveries could be added or even updated!

Should this Happen?

  • Yes
  • No

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My personal new added list:

  • Qantas
  • Turkish airlines
  • Westjet
  • Virgin Australia
  • Old American Livery

Updated list:

Any other updated airlines or requests! Don’t be afraid to comment below!


Followed by hate mail/comments.


I’m sorry but that’s not hate mail/comments it’s just saying that these airlines are rarely used my friend.[quote=“Sumith_M, post:2, topic:16846, full:true”]

Followed by hate mail/comments.

@Skylines I think they’ll want to do that when they’re adding APPR to it :)


fantastic news at least this post starts it off ha ha.


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I don’t think that just because airlines aren’t used they should be removed. I’ve seen those used before, and I myself have used a couple of them. I’m all for adding additional liveries. But first let’s get old planes up-to-date (787, A321) then worry about the 737, since its update was pretty comprehensive… JAL is great for Kuala Lampur, Jet2 for London/France/Amsterdam, and so is Thomson. Since there isn’t a middle eastern region yet, El Al wouldn’t be used too much but doesn’t mean it should be removed.

Edit: JAL 737 wouldn’t be able to make that flight between Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur, so actually only the JAL 777 would be in that region. Until there is a Hong Kong or Japan region the JAL 737 wouldn’t be used too much…


Rock why this discussion has come about is answered above by Patrick. As said the 737 will soon be getting the APPR system and apparently some new livery arrangements!

No-one here is a dev, so who knows what happens when? I think the rumor is APPR might be rolled out to all aircraft. That’s fine, and livery updates are fine. I’m just saying no liveries should be removed…

Alright, I just find it confusing sometimes to find liveries in a long list of aircraft but I get Ya.

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I’ve removed that part of the post, seems to much trouble has brewed from it.

Definitely Qantas I’ve flown on their 738 18 times they have 75 in there fleet


I was surprised that the livery didnt come in the first place it’s very world known for the 737-800

Please refrain from using bold text. It is frowned upon by the community!

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Agreed on all parts but removing liveries.

Things aeen’t removed just because you don’t like it. Not sure how this plays out in a world where you rule as king, but in reality, unless a majority can prove your point on removing ___ Airlines’ livery, then the world wn’t chang just for you. Least that’s how the world has worked in my lifetime


There’s zero point in removing liveries that are perfectly fine. Even if they don’t get used as often as the others, what’s the point in getting rid of them??

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Watch your bold text… It’s dangerous

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Why would anybody want to remove liveries? I thought this community was all about those… :)

Virgin Australia, Qantas and Tigerair (Yes they have a 737). :)