737-800 range

Can the 737-800 fly Seattle-Manchester non-stop?
Its been done in real life delivering 737s for TUI.

Yes. Just reduce the payload. Minimal pax and cargo, with fuel tanks full. The low payload reduces fuel burn enabling ferry flights.


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Ok. Thanks. Im going full fuel, no pax and cargo and straight upto 41,000ft

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I would step climb, having a full fuel payload and climbing that high isn’t a great idea both for having enough lift and for fuel efficiency.

I looked at the KLM 737 that recently got delievered and that when straight to 41000

You could if the winds are favourable. Is this shorter or longer than the KLM delivery flight? I would climb to FL370 or FL390 at max on first climb.

I would just like to add that range for aircraft in IF is longer than real life in most instances.


Shorter heading to the UK

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True there seems to be something a tiny tiny bit off in IF’s physics, maybe air resistance or something

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