737-800 Nose falling through the ground.


Just started a flight from EGCC and everything seemed perfectly fine while taxiing and then at a junction my nose just suddenly fell through the ground with the new partially reworked 737-8 TUI aircraft.

I’m guessing clearing the cache will solve this issue. Since most map issues / game issues are solved this way or do i need a reinstall?


Go to settings -> general and press on clear scenery cache. That should solve the problem.


Tried the same taxi route once i’ve cleared the cache and the same thing happened.


Then you should probably re-install,if that doesn’t fix it contact a mod.


Did you restart the game after clearing the cache?


no i didn’t but i went and reinstalled the app.It is working fine now.


Lock it mods


This happened to me twice today on the 787-900.


the odd thing it happened in the exact same place twice.


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