737-800 Livery Rendering Quality For Other Planes

Hello IFC

The 737’s I have noticed for all models and liveries that I have seen have looked very distorted.


iPad Pro 7.9in
Software: Latest
IF gen: Latest

Specs: all high

let me know if this is an IF problem or a device problem.



Can you elaborate and what you mean by distorted? As in out of shape? Blurry? What’s the deal?

It is blurry im sorry :C

It is so bad that you can not even see the other aircrafts tail number.

This is only for the 737

all other aircraft are fine it is from the last update.

What is your graphic settings for other aircraft?

Yea this is the same for me and my graphics r always on high. There would be other plane models on ground but they would be clear and detailed.

Attempt standard restart, solves pretty much all graphics issues usually.

Hmmm. I do know that the quality of other aircraft are reduced to prevent additional, unnecessary stress on your device, but this seems weird since it is only one aircraft type.

Can you please turn off restart your device and see if that solves the issue?

Hey! Check the response below. This might be your answer. :)

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100% Full on everything IF has had multible restarts and that hasnt solved it. I understand they will not be as clear as the plane im flying but it is so bad you cant read the tail number :-/

Has it been clearer previously?

before the last update it was perfectly fine.

Could you include a screenshot? Could possibly be an issue with the 737 LOD, would be helpful to see what you are seeing 😆

ok let me see if I can find one brb

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OK very interesting

I just tried to recreate it with @Captain-787 and was not able to accomplish it.

I so-pose I didnt have a good internet connection.

sorry for wasting your time guys…

Correction it is with the 737-800 only getting pictures now

Seems the issue isn’t exclusive to your device. I can’t share a screenshot but can confirm after spawning in next to another 737, the livery was of a lower resolution than would normally be expected. Will pass this onto the right people 🙂

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Ok wonderful

This has been like this for a while.

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This may have something to do with the livery shadow issue as well… maybe can go into the same hotfix

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