737-800 Hawaii

Recently I flew the 737-800 from KLAS to PHKO and I took off with 100% fuel and landed with barely enough to divert to PHNL

100% full is a bit too much. If you step climb, you’ll save a good deal of fuel. Here’s a tutorial that will help.

The fuel was at 15% but I call that low and I did step climb from FL340 to FL360 then final step climb to FL370

I’d try using slightly less fuel and starting really low compared to other flights. Plenty of narrow bodies flying to Hawaii will cruise at lower altitudes like Fl230 or FL250.

What was your speed?

Mach M.76-M.77 and between 390-440 KTS ground speed

Seems right too me. Usually anywhere between .77 to .80 mach is normal.

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