737-800 Fuel level 12 percent

When I fly the 737-800 Southwest From Las Vegas NV KLAS to Honolulu HI PHNL I find my self very low on fuel usually 6-14 percent wind depending. When will there be the Max 8

The max 8 isn’t even confirmed to be coming, while i think it will make an appearance in the future, it may not be soon.

Maybe your not putting enough fuel? Infinite Flight FPL Converter I recommend using this, I ise it for any of my flights over an hour and it works like a charm with the perfect route, decent, fuel, and on some aircraft even V1, BR, V2 speeds, I reccomend checking it out.

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What’s your cruise speed?
Are you step climbing over the course of your flight?

6 - 14 Percent isn´t that bad, I did a flight this week and had only 1% fuel left after landing , but it was in an A340-600 from Sydney to Johannesburg :D (aircraft was fully fueled)

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