737-800 Fuel Burn Issue

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I was departing Sydney in a 737-800 earlier. On climb out passing 6000 feet I noticed I had burned 4 tons of fuel in a 2 min flight time. The taxi to runway 16R was only very short since I was parked at the domestic terminal. Has anyone else had this issue before?

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I think I have before. Who I departed London Stansted after a 5min taxi at an average of 15kts I had burned 5 tons of fuel. But I might of been looking at the pounds weight unit instead of kilos.

@xsrvmy compiles this type of data. He might have some insight on this.


I only compile cruise data

Don’t see how this is possible. Even with 100% throttle it would take more than 10 mins to burn that much fuel.

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I was very confused image

Yeah… odd… that’s about what is should burn in an entire hour of cruise, not 2 minutes in the climb 😂
I’ve noticed I often land with not much fuel, and I always thought it was weird, but never really looked into it.

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Very weird indeed. I have never noticed, let’s see if the 787-9 does the same thing tomorrow when I do Heathrow - Perth

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Just checked the numbers, this seems like some sort of a bug, full throttle with the 737 on the ground uses about 19482 lb/hour, so 324 lb per minute. In two minutes (up to 3 technically because of game mechanics) you’re burning 975 pounds of fuel tops. Not sure what happened here.

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Should I contact support?

Does it keep happening? Seems like something relatively minor as long as you’re not burning insane rates throughout the entire flight.

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Only just noticed it, I’m gonna do LHR-PER tomorrow so I’ll keep an eye on it!

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Just to clarify, you weren’t doing a rotation right?
Pretty sure fuel used only resets when you refuel.

Did you start with your engines on?

Negative mate

Just loaded in the sim

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