737 800 decent

Hey guys can anyone tell me when and how much speed should i reduce when im decending because i dont find a video about it

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280kts maybe

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I usually stay at cruising speed till I hit 15,000 feet. I then decrease to 250kts. Once I’m 5-10 minutes away from landing, I decrease to 175.

I don’t think there’s a fixed rule for this.
In real life speed during descent may well be determined by the ‘hurry’ of the flight and whether it’s delayed.

When getting down to 18,000 feet, speed obviously needs to be adjusted to other inbound traffic to ensure you maintain safe distance. From that altitude your Radar controller may direct you and he may well want to control your speed.


That’s exactly what I do

I did a DAL 737 from KLAX - KSEA yesterday in the 800. I usually go 280 - 260 knots until I am at 12,000 feet then I lower my speed to 250.

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Here you go this would be much easier i guess.!!

All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (Version 20.1 Wiki!)

I usually keep it at 290 kts for above 10k foot climb, cruise, and decent. This speed works great and is pretty common. Landing speed is also between 128 kts airspeed and 132 kts airspeed. Hope that helps!

For me, on initial descent, I remain at 320kts. Then, once I’m at FL200, I lower the speed to 300kts. At FL150, I reduce it to 280kts. FL125, I reduce the speed to 250kts. FL100, landing lights on, low auto brakes set. FL75, I reduce it to 220kts, 15 degrees flaps. FL60, I reduce the speed to 200kts, flaps 20 degrees. FL50, reduce speeds to 180kts. FL40, reduce speeds to 160kts, flaps 30 degrees. FL30, reduce speeds to 150kts. FL20, reduce speeds to 145kts, flaps to 40 only if needed!!!, gears down 2:30 seconds from runway. FL10, reduce speeds to 140-135. Flare 20ft over the runway, throttle idle. Touchdown, reverse thrust 65%, unless runway needs otherwise. Cut reverse thrust at 40kts gs, use manual brakes to slow down to vear off the runway :)


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