737-800 butter landing competition

Hello aviation fans! Today I will organise my second butter competition. This will be bigger then before. I will organise a 737-800 butter competition in training server. Please read the following information of this competition.

Spawning airport : KATL
Aircraft : 737-800 [general delivery]
Server : Training Server
Time of event : 21:00 ZULU timezone [22:00 UTC+1]

This event will take a maximum time of 60 minutes. Maybe it will takes longer.

If you want to sign in for this butter competition. Please fill in this form :

You can’t be part of this butter landing competition without you signed in yourself.

You have to spawn 15 minutes before the competition start.

Good luck! The winner will get a price!

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You can also view my thread in the group flight channel in the infinite flight discord server.

What day is this happening….

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Today it will happend

im confused lol

Also what prize?

you will maybe get know :)

What’s the prize?

well whats the prize?

Why do i have to sign in on a form ?

I am so confused right now

I mean like what prize?


if there isnt a prize then just say so lol

lol, first, there isn’t second i need to cancel it :(

another time

bro wtf

why would you do that

There‘s no one there

because, dan was comming but he isn’t comming anymore

and i am tired :(

yeah sure

First you lie about a prize, then you cancel for no reason?

When did Dan say he was coming?