737-800 and 737-900 not having a shadow in the Aircraft select screen

Well the title says it all really. I actually found it funny and so weird that there wasn’t a shadow and it popped out. But anyway, this is just a minor thing nothing urgent. Just thought I should call it out now so the devs can be made aware of it and have them take note of it for when they fix it along with any other little bugs. Thanks ✌🏽

Here’s some screenshots of it for proof.

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Maybe try restarting the game? This should help

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Alrighty let me see really quickly

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No it still isn’t fixed, but weirdly enough the 737-700’s shadow is just fine. As well as all the other Aircrafts

Ah ok, did you shutdown the app and try to restart it? If that didn’t work, maybe just keep trying until it works out

This is a known issue to the developers. Here’s a master list for reference on the B737 Family shadow issues.


  • No issues


  • Astro Jet - No Shadow
  • TWA - No Shadow
  • GOL+ - No Shadow
  • Kenya Airways - No Shadow
  • Virgin Australia - No Shadow


  • No shadows on any livery

This will be fixed in the near future! Thanks for the report :)


Yeah I’ve also restarted my phone as of recently.

Ooohh okay I didn’t know others have known. I looked it up on here and didnt really find anything. But alrighty good to know. Just thought I could shine some light on it.

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All the 737-800 liveries without their shadows are now fixed. However, not any 737-900 liveries have their shadows and should be fixed. I don’t know when the 737-900’s shadow has been fixed.
List of B737 variants with shadow issues
No issues
No issues
No shadows seen in any liveries

Can anyone tell me if the shadow is fixed for the 737-900 as I think there’s an issue just like this picture:

Since the 20.1 hotfix, this issue hasn’t been fixed. No shadows in any livery and it has to be fixed.

Since there hasn’t been a release since the hotfix not sure it has been fixed. It is a known issue although minor.

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