737-800 Alaskan airlines

I noticed you guys added Alaskan airlines(new ones) on the 737-900 but I am confused on why you guys also didn’t add it to the 800s with the split scimitars? I feel like it wouldn’t be too hard but I was just wondering as the 800s for Alaskan is extremely important as well.

We have well over 700 liveries in Infinite Flight.
Not every single model, needs every single livery that exists on it :)


The new Alaska liveries on the 737-900 have been in IF for at least a year :)

Would be pretty cool you have to admit

To add on, you can vote for your favorite liveries in #features!

Here’s a magnificent thread for the Alaska 737-800. If you’d like to see it, you can drop a vote! :)

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