737-800/900 Nose Drop After Touchdown

Perhaps an obvious question, but you don’t land with brakes already activated do you? I find that really causes the nose of any plane to slam down. If you do activate the brakes only after touchdown, then it is probably something to do with the trim like others have previously mentioned.

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I was going to say it. At 3 min!

Also in addition to what you have mentioned, when you land you want to use the reverse thrust only to around 60 knots, then disengage reverse thrust and apply the brakes.

Yeah. For clarity’s sake I was general about that given that I was highlighting the difference between hitting brakes before and after touchdown, which is the time of interest here. But yes you have a point for the majority of normal landings!

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Yes, was just clarifying for the OP, just in case that was what they where doing wrong. :)

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try keeping the landing soft and soft on the flare the nose should stay up I suffer the same problem but I’ve learned some tricks;)

I never have this problem. Not sure why you are having this issue. Try going spoilers armed,no brakes, and like 30 or 40% reverse thrust and very slowly lower the nose down. Then go to 60% until cutoff at go knts and rapidly tap brakes ro simulate auto brake. Works perfectly for me.

Here is a video of my landing after these tips.

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