737-800/900 Nose Drop After Touchdown

Hey everyone,

I have almost mastered the landing of the 737 series after the update except for ONE issue. I touchdown smooth (50-100 fpm) every time but right after, my nose just drops down hard onto the runway. I try keeping the yoke up some but it still drops. I’m not sure what is causing this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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How much trim do you use?

I keep the trim so there is no purple line on the trim.

Roughly what is it usually at though. Around 40%?

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Hey @BrownGamer14,

Your best bet is to use some trim as mentioned when you come in for a landing as that will help keep the weight of the nose.

Also, try to pull back slightly on the yoke when the main landing gear touch down and slowly lower the nose. :)

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For me it varies on weight. It’s usually like 2% +

Whenever I landing the 737 now, I usually just land itself without APPR. When your about 20 feet from ground just let it find it’s way to the ground. I would also use trim and land about 140 kts

That’s my typical landing speed with about flaps 40

Yeah try flying it with 40% trim for takeoff and landing. It will help massively.


Thank you for the help! I will try it.

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I do 10% trim and I am able to land perfect. I just let it do it’s thing right before touchdown

The B737 needs more trim, you might be able to land easily but the extra trim makes it so much easier. It’s the most trim I use in any aircraft and most others use the same amount roughly.

I guess it’s fixed but, I just want to point out one thing. You should almost always land with flaps 30 and not 40.
Flaps 40 is only used when the runway is too short for flaps 30.


Give it a go and let us know. I won’t say it’s resolved until then :)

Definitely, I’ll give it a try tomorrow.

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I have a FMS for the 737 series, and im curious to see if it can be of some help. Can you provide some variables for me?:

-Landing Weight(pounds)
-Wind Direction (Degrees)
-Wind Speed
-Runway Heading (Degrees)
-Runway Length
-Airport Altitude (feet)

Provide these and lets see what numbers it spits out. Ill provide a screen shot and then you can try a landing at those numbers

Is your FMS payware?

Negative, homebuilt from when I was running vRYR. One of our advisors was a real-world Ryanair pilot and helped us build the FMS based on the actual 737-800 performance characteristics

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Trim is key to a solid landing. Obviously factoring in pax and cargo as well.


Is possible to download that somewhere?