737-700 vs 737-700 BBJ

Is there a difference between the 737-700 and 737-700 BBJ? Oh, and while you’re here, please answer the poll!

  • 737-700 BBJ
  • 737-700

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I think the BBJ is smaller

I believe that the BBJ has a much larger range than the regular 737-700. (I think)


BBJ can fly something like 15 hours while the 737-700 caps out at around 8.


The BBJ can literately fly for like 15 hours right?


In terms of aesthetical differences, the aircraft are identical. However, the BBJ version has additional fuel tanks installed (centre tanks) to increase the range of the aircraft.

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The B737-700 is a commercial airliner. So, just how you would imagine it. For example, it flies for Southwest in the USA.
The BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) is exactly what the name suggests: a business jet. It’s like a bigger
Citation. It can fly much further without stopping but seats less people. By much firther, I mean like an additional 10 hours.

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You can post it here:

The poll he could yes, but not the question.

The poll was just extra for the question :)

Well the BBJ is a private jet and can fly longer 🤷🏽‍♂️

I’ve flown it from US west coast to Mallorca once. One engine approach though.


BBJ is also know as the boeing business jet as Schyllberg said it can fly VERY far. Ive done ZBAA-PANC before

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You flew it? Is that possible?

might just have to try it myself!

In Infinite Flight, yes.

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I never new the 737 could do that! Wow. I must try that

Wow, BBJs be rocking

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Might add that i was running extremely low on fuel and had less than 1% left when coming to a full stop.


Was that from a full tank?