737-700 to Hawaii?

Is the 737-700 Southwest a good aircraft from PHNL-KDAL vice versa? I have flown the 737-700 multiple times Transatlantic with no major fuel issues except once. would this be a good route for the 737-700?

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That should be done easily, considering it now has the range of the BBJ.

Edit: The 737-700 can hold up to 15 hours worth of fuel. Should be easy.


The distance between PHNL and KDAL is about 3300 nm and the range of B737-700 is 2,935–3,010 nmi nm, so the flight is barely possible. Real world flight AA102 uses B777 for this flight

Correction: 3,300–3,850 nm is for MAX series

If the Aircraft has a longer range than the route it will always be fine :)

Southwest IRL uses the 737-800 for its trips to Hawaii.

Southwest did fly an (almost) empty 737-800 from Honolulu to Dallas Love, but their 737-700s aren’t ETOPS approved, so the 737-800 is better.


If you want realism, no, don’t do it. You could fly it realistically in the 737BBJ, but Southwest doesn’t fly this route.


A plane 737BBJ is the best option.

When will you be going Im down to fly this with you

I am also down @SWA737

While not realistically possible, not a bad idea considering it’s range. If you want realistic, PHNL-KDFW in the AA 772 is a better idea

@Alec they do if you fly via KOAK 🤪

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This hurts me because its very unrealistic being a SWA fanatic myself but yes the 737 can easily make that range

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