737-700 Flight From SFO to LAX :D

Hi, so I just got too bored and started a flight from LAX to SFO. I took a grand total of 34 photos and so um why not put two photos in one picture with the power of photoshop? ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Lets start right away 🤪

No rickroll not guaranteed


Time’s ticking so lets start our pushback right away. I haven’t had time to put in the flight plan tho 💀

Engines are starting up with a beautiful LAX tower looking at us

We managed to taxi to the runway, so why not get Jessica to start killing the engines? Lmao

Took off with a little bit of headwind but got that fixed. Goodbye LAX! Hello Ohio!

interstellar theme music intensifies

Cruising at 30,000ft, so we are now serving passengers with nuts. Heard someone shouting at the back “Nuts? ARE YOU NUTS? IM HUNGRY AF NOW.”

California soul 🎶 Descending now ig

Decent enough ;) (pls fix this devs)

We are getting close! Are we forgetting something?

😮 @Dan reference??!?!
Yeah thats pretty much it! Hope you have a great day and um

Do you like my post? :>

  • Ok lah post
  • Bro what i hate this
  • Haha lol decent post
  • I am reporting this to the mods. Like I think this post contains really appropriate content. The tone is rude, and they are abusing staff. This is not tolerable at all. I’m gonna get u suspended

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I think appropriate content is completely unacceptable.

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Haha lol 😂

Sounds like something a Karen would say.


XD lmao 😂😂