737-700 camera missing / Glitch

Has anyone noticed on the 737-700 there is no tail view of you select the closest to bottom camera option in the middle of the camera selections (the normal place where the tail view is). A there is one further up but I feel lile its further up the tail so it kind of looks off. Plus if you turn it around to look at the tail, it glitches out and there is a blank space where part of the tail should be.

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I believe this should go in the support category. It is probably just a glitch due to the heavy use of the servers at the moment.

The camera angles don’t relate to the unstable servers. This view has always been like this.

In the 737-800 there is a camera view, I think its the one in the Scenic list that the camera gets run through by the plane and you can see right through it. Never happened before the update…

Right, some camera angles if moved to the correct spot will glitch into the aircraft. I don’t know if there is much you can do. I’m sure the devs know about this and would like to fix it. :)

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