737 700 BBJ range

I am going to be doing an around the world series on IF over Christmas and was going to use one plane only which will be the 737 BBJ. The aircraft range says it can fly for 15 hours on a full tank of fuel is this actually true and will it if so allow Me to cross big oceans like the Pacific? Thanks

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Yes it is true, you can cross the Pacific without a problem. Done it myself before it got a live cockpit

Well, I know for a fact that @zand3r flew that plane 18+ hours from Louisville KSDF to Sydney YSSY. He was running on fumes when he landed, but he made it!

No problem at all! I’ve flown it from Amsterdam to Denpasar.

Oh yeah that thing has crazy range. (Since they integrated it with the rest of the 7377s, all of them have the same 15h+ range)

You can definitely get more than 15 hours out of that thing. Truly an awesome underrated aircraft.

It’s possible! I flew more than 16 hours on B737 BBJ last time😁

I flew from Dublin to Cape Town took about 12 hrs 30 minutes great aircraft to fly 🌍✈️

I can more than cross the pacific. I flew from Hawaii to Ireland like a year ago on IF with it.

Sydney - Seattle / Los Angelos no Problem and even 1 1/2 hours Fuel left

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