737-700 A/P Problem

I always fly 737-700’s. Recently, when I turned on autopilot and set my flight plan, the aircraft started zigzagging left and right. Could you please tell me what the problem is?

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I can’t say I’ve experienced the same. But, a similar issue was brought up earlier where it was solved by making sure HDG on the A/P was activated when engaging NAV.


Thank you for you kind reply!

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occasionally at cruise speeds i notice on some planes the turn timing is to late so it wants to get back on the fpl line but keeps missing

That’s what happens when you add too tight turns in your FPL. Nothing wrong.

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thats why i usually avoid tight turns but it could be a contributor to the “zigzag”

I’ve noticed this very slightly in smaller airliners recently as well, I’ve attributed it to high winds as that’s when it seems to happen. Turbulence :)