737-600 Janet Airlines livery

For all the Area 51 enthusiasts, I have a request. Can a new aircraft, the Boeing 737-600 be added to IF, and have one of the liveries be Janet Airlines? I feel it would benefit the community by giving some of our fellow enthusiasts the feeling of flying one of the most classified airline in the world. Janet´s callsign is ¨Janet¨, however there are many Groom Callsigns, however just leave it at Janet´s callsign added in.

Janet Airlines Boeing 737-600 image from Wikipedia by Twistedpictures1

Already done!


A problem with this, there isn’t the 737-600 in Infinite Flight. Also, I am not sure how many people who know about Janet Airlines would actually fly it. I would probably see this on the Casual server on flights between KLAX and KSFO.

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Otherwise it is a really cool idea!

Be sure to check the rules, this is technically a request for 2 different things. There is a feature request for the 737-600 and Janet, they are old, and hasn’t been used in a while, so I suggest you make a new request for the 737-600 AND a new separate request for the Janet 737-600. When you are ready to publish both of the requests, flag the other requests and a mod will close it.

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Thanks! I was actualy requesting the 737-600 to be a new aircraft to be added, and have Janet be a livery.

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Oh, haha. Yeah, thats a great idea! Maybe add the 737-600 idea to the title. It’s quite misleading

Yeah, I would put two seperate posts because this technically violates some rules

I actualy think asking for a new plane and requesting a certain liverie for it arent against rules.

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Yes, they are two separate requests, and rule one is only one feature per thread, and their shouldn’t be duplicates, which there are already requests for both of these. I suggest looking at this from my original reply

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should i leave a link in one post that leads to the other?

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You can, you don’t have to, and as far as I am aware, that is not agianst the rules.

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did you guys know that the Janet Airlines is an secret airline for the US government, That only flies to and from AREA 51

yes, and it dosent just fly to area 51.

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maybe it does maybe it doesn’t ;)
The world may never know ;)

i always know where janet airlines planes are.

where? though🙃

WWW232 is headed from KLAS to KTNX and is to the northwest of the airport. It is a Boeing 737-600.

But if this plane come into IF then they have to make Area 51 a destination

What’s your point?