[73 attending, 25 gates still available!] Huge Phoenix Flyout! @ KPHX - 291800ZDEC18


Sure! Let me add you.

You are added! See you there :)


Infinite Flight has said there may be some new Southwest Livery’s so if they do add them and the update comes out before the event, I am going to change from Shamu One to a newer livery


Can I change my gate to D8?


Most likely yes.
And you can change because I may be Shamu if you don’t take it.


Your gate is now D8! Have fun flying to Reno :)


Hey Luke. Can I still fly to BWI but out of D8? Thanks!


Sure! You have been added.


Everyone, remember to read the NOTAM. It has very useful Info!


If the update has yet to be released I will be Shamu


Hi everyone, I updated the NOTAM a bit! Take a read below:


Could I get the FedEx route to KOAK, but in a B777-F instead? Thanks!


The 777 does not fly to KOAK from Phoenix, but it does to Memphis. Would you like that route?


Ok, no problem. KMEM sounds good :)


You are In! See you there.


Can i maybe change to gate B13


Could I take gate 10 please?
Also @Aviator10 If you want me to take ground or tower to ease your workload a bit I’d be more than happy to (already almost 40 people)


@Matthew_20204 your gate has been changed. See you there.

@Jonesrox55 you are In! See you there :)


We have 40 attendees! Let’s get to 50!


South tie down 01, operating pre-historic F-14 depart north bound to KPRC.


Sure! You are In! See you there.