[73 attending, 25 gates still available!] Huge Phoenix Flyout! @ KPHX - 291800ZDEC18


Sign me up


You are in for B8, if you forgot


hi i like to join please an i will take Gate C16 Southwest 737-800 to KMCL and call sign is SWA76N


Sure! You are in! See you there


OK thank you see there to


I think why every event is at 8 pm on finland time


I don’t know . But I am glad you are signed up!


Bumpity bump time


Prime Gates to Honolulu are still avalible! Get them now!


I’ll get Gate 5 for terminal 2, callsign UVA-148 (also fix gate 4)


I tried to fix it.
You are in! See you there!


Can i have the American A321 to KLAX ?


@Flybe you are In! See you there


thank you!


How can I sign up for this?


Look at the gates in the first post, and if you see an Avalivble gate you like, comment below! @Jbarbs


I will take gate C8, Southwest 737-700 to KDAL please


Cutter Aviation 01, TBM-930 to KAZO. Callsign N122PW


@JGrant639, @Jbarbs you have been added! See ya There :)


May i be Departure for ATC