[73 attending, 25 gates still available!] Huge Phoenix Flyout! @ KPHX - 291800ZDEC18


@Michael_Czyz has requested and I am still thinking to add it. If not would you like a gate?


Ok if not, then i will take Terminal 2 Gate 3. United E170 to KLAX. See you there!


We now have 9 Attendees!


DLVA8720, Gate 22, B738, Delta to KSEA.



You are in! See You there


There’s no such airport as “KYUM”

I believe you’re thinking of KNYL


Whoops, thanks for the catch!
Edit: all fixed


Hey! Could I change a SWA gate so I can fly to good old KBWI?

UPDATE: I am blind as a bat. Can I have gate C3 please?


You are in! See ya in Phoenix


We now have more than 10 Attendees! Gates are going fast!


Where’s the PHX-LIT Route?


I added one. Would you like it?


Put me down for right now! Let you know closer if I can make it


You are gate C4. See you there!


I’ll take gate 18 at T3 please


You are in! See you in the desert


Gate A11- American A321 to KLAX please!


You are in! See you in Phoenix :)


For now, can I get C6 to San Jose, please. The event is far away so I don’t exactly know if I could attend or not


Sure, I will put you down for C16…

Just kidding I will put you down for SJC
I knew you were going to bite lol