727-200 at Long Beach

Hello everyone

I’m back at LGB again to catch a plane you don’t see too often, a 727. The rest of the 30 minutes I was there I saw nothing but Southwest 737s. Typical traffic for an afternoon at Long Beach.

Enjoy the photos!

Despite me trying to wave at the pilots, I got no response :(

Southwest 737-MAX8 Arriving from Oakland

Fun fact:
The airline that operates the 727 only does flights once a month specifically for passengers who to go on a “Zero Gravity” experience.
Would you try this?

Southwest taxiing to Runway 30 (With 727 blasting off)

Southwest #2 taxiing to Runway 30

Both aircraft holding short / lining up

Southwest 737-700 from Nashville

Thanks for viewing


Great Catches!

Thanks Griff!

I’ll be in PSP in 40 or so days have any cool places to spot?

There aren’t many but I do know two great places. If you are looking for a really great background like in my topic then you’ll need to go to Tachevah Road, but you’ll only be able to catch shots like that when the airport is using 31s (departing north). If you are looking for closer shots such as the last few in the same topic then you can park near Airport Center Drive and Kirk Douglas Way.

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I never knew they had 727s 🤯

We rarely get that flight here, based on the airline’s schedule, it shouldn’t be back here until April

Cool photos. Nice rare catch.


Cool pics @Butter575

Thank you

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no because you can get the same effect for a few microseconds when you jump

and jumping is free :0

These are almost as good as your YouTube vids!
Yes I watch all of them and comment on alot

That’s a fair point

Thank you!


Nice photos! I love seeing the 727. Its form is unique enough that it would be cool to see it in IF (I should probably search and vote; though is it too rare in the irl skies to make it?).

As for:

You made me wonder how long they get in zero g. Wondering why people are willing to pay for the experience.

Before cgi, the film Apollo 13 was a radical first user of these type of flights to film zero g scenes (which caused some apprehension among the actors). Before that, films would fake it, use wires, or pretend there is some kind of magical artificial gravity.

The Apollo 13 film crew and cast would have similar time constraints using their KC135 as with the 727:

Apollo 13 Test Shoot - Playing Catch in Zero Gravity - YouTube

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I believe the company also does space training flights. I read a little bit about the airline in their website:

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I didn’t know they did space training flights. But I guess it makes sense, since the equipment used is kind of apples to apples comparing to the KC135.

So, $9,900 per person. Like a round-trip first-class ticket price across the Atlantic(?).

It says a 5 hour flight with 15 parabolas. If each parabola gives you 30 seconds of weightlessness, that’s like 7.5 minutes of weightlessness. Not bad.

If the 727 were added to IF, this would be a new procedure to learn🤨

Yeah I just did some quick research and it’s about the same price (JFK-LHR)

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I think that’s enough Southwest for one day 🥱

Jokes aside, nice shots.

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Thank you!

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