717 Rework

With the actual state of the 717 in IF it would be a perfect plane for Ryanair. You can’t land it smoothly, well at least I can’t land it smoothly…🤣😂
Here you have my vote🍻

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Ah the 717, I remember flying on the 717 on Airtran from ATL to PIT and was one of my last domestic flights for a very long while. Defo gonna vote.

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Oh wow we have the polar opposite stories.


What awesome Aircraft I love to fly short haul flights with the 712

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Oh! Yes, my first flight was Palm Beach to Indianapolis. I remember Airtran used to give me the pins on each flight.

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Oh I remember the pins I still have one. I’m about to do my first domestic flight in a while since the AirTran flight. Surprisingly I’ve done more international flights than domestic ones lol.

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About that…

Somewhere around here I have the gold wings pin and the round Airtran logo pin.

Great News! Approx 10 former-Volotea 717’s are to be leased by GlobalX, a US Charter Airline for operations!


Ooh, so we might see a 717 in a new livery? 👀

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