717 Rework

Yeah, especially as a 1980’s kid would love to see these old workhorses getting added or reworked. πŸ§”


Very nice ! Sad this airline stopped operating

Is this the link you’re attempting to send?

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A220 is what Delta and Qantas are doing to replace their 717’s kind of hope this is what Hawaiian does too

Yeah, well the brand vanished with the acquisition by Cityjet. Blue1 was for a long time just a inhouse wetlease company for SAS. The heritage lives partly among the Cityjet organization, even the brand and liveries are gone.

I gave my vote of yes because a live cockpit would be awesome and it needs a major rework in physics as the current model is 10 years old, thought would rather see the BCS1 aka A220-100 first

Hey, @November197NW feel free to vote as above by Boeing 717. Thanks!

topic transitions from B717 rework to project sunrise πŸ˜‚

I also learned later it also allows the DC-9 family to land on gravel runways as well. Late response I know.

Little thing I did a couple days ago


that’s not physically possible :(

Skill issue.

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QantasLink Boeing 717


Wow ! I had no idea. Thanks for sharing

Nor did I until I watched the video. A super unique feature indeed!

Delta Air Lines (N608AT) Boeing 717-200 at Phoenix Airport, Arizona. November 2015. Posted on Twitter.



I feel the same way as you. However, my first ever flight was on an Airtran 717. Sooo, I have to make an exception about the Airtran livery.

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