717 pitch problem

I take off in the 717 and go make the pitch 15 like a plane should do and the plane goes into stall, I checked my weight, speed. I always take off in any aircraft at 170-200 knts except Cessna. can any one help me with the 717 take off or if any one has the same problem

Check this out:

Try the search function next time. You can find tutorials for almost everything related to IF :-)


I do flaps 10 and take off at speed 180 knts

Where did you get that? Are you lowering the nose after the gear has left the ground?


im only pulling up to 15 degrees then I put auto pilot on. then gear goes up

I have now tried take off in a 717-200.
Flaps 10
Trim 15%
Normal weight
VS 3300
No problem.

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sweet. try do it next time. does any one want to fly to CBN from SYD with me

Hello there!
Some planes aren’t exactly similar on the rate of climb. Here are some pointers.
Apply around 80-90% thrust
Flaps 10
After rotation, gear up at around 50 - 100 AGL (Or when reaching positive rate)
I would manually fly the plane up to around 1000 feet and get yourself on course before setting the autopilot, especially with a more outdated plane. The transition from manual to autopilot may be your issue. Other that that, all I can say is aircraft are different on v/s, and it really depends on a lot of things. (Wind, Temp, etc.)
Hope this helps!

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A takeoff speed of 180 knots is far too high. A plane like the 717 should rotate by around 140 or so.


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