717 Nose Gear Chock Brakes

Why does the 717 look like it has chock brakes on the wheels and no I don’t have the brakes on

(Sorry if it does not belong here I don’t know where to post it)


The 717 has them in real life.

Look closely at the picture


Oh thanks I don’t know my plane designs

Im pretty sure they are there to keep debris from kicking up and so the tires dont get damaged


I think you got that backward. They are there to keep debris from the nose wheel being kicked up into the fuselage or the engines

meant to say that. dang autocorrect

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There’re called wheel guards or something like that

I think it’s the nose wheel spray deflector, which directs water outboard of the fuselage. Either that or a mud flap.

Interesting, I thought it was a graphics glitch.

I never really knew what that thing at the nose wheel of the 717 was. Thank you for telling me it’s purpose, but I still dunno why only on the 717 they have it.

They are also on the MD-88/90 from what I’ve seen.

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