717 Island Hopping || OGG-HNL

I am no longer creative with my topic introductions but I took a little island hopper from Kahului, Hawaii to Honolulu, Hawaii on 17/9/22. The flight was only 30 minutes which seemed enough to fit into an IFC topic. Most of my flights, I take well beyond 30 photos for 0 apparent reason. 🥲

The flight # was HA275 and aircraft was N492HA, an ex-Midwest Airlines 717-22A. Also named 'Ewa 'Ewa which is the Hawaiian name for the Sooty Tern. It’s one of the only 717’s in the fleet to not have eyebrows in which most modern operators remove them to reduce maintenance costs. I had taken a 717 once prior in my life which was the exact same leg 3 years ago but at night, I have 0 pics of it. 😞

The seat itself was quite small but I’m not complaining as these aircraft are used for 30-50 minute flights.

Rocketing outta Maui and over Moloka’i. Hawaiian scenery is a major W.

Hawaiian’s Passion Orange Nectar Juice (POG Juice) that they hand out on final climb. I’m a big fan of passion fruit drinks so it was also a W.

5 minutes of cruise at 14000ft and descent began.

In for a float landing on 04R. Nice photo passing over the famous reef runway of 08R/26L.

Captain Jose and F/O Ryan let me into their workplace. Really neat and classic cockpit that looks like Airbus and an MD-80 collab. Sad to see these slowly retire as time progresses.

All shots taken on my iPhone 12, do expect some HNL spotting topic sometime soon.




That’s a shame, I don’t really like the way eyebrowless 717s look.

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