717 in the air

Gamers how ya doing? Had nothing else to do so I decided to fly and boy do I got some good shots for you. Enjoy the 717-200 photos, because I have not seen them on this community alot.

Aircraft: 717-200
Airline: QuantasLink
Time: Noon
Server: N/A (Singleplayer)
Device: Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Alright now let’s get to the photos

Takeoff to the skies.

Lemme make a turn real quick.

Preparing to land!

Finna butter this machine.

Thanks for flying with us!

Ok have a good day and as always stay fresh!


I love the 4th picture !

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How did that work out for ya?? 👀😂

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Ooh nice! I never see the 717 flown much haha so glad to see some people using it.

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