717 cabin view

Someone has already posted about this but I’m the general topic
The 717 has a cabin already so why can’t we use it?
I request that we add a cabin view to the 717 because we already have a cabin but the wing view doesn’t include the cabin

That would be a nice thing to look at. But im out of votes 🙃

Have you realized that there is a cabin view in the 717? Here are the steps.

  • Go to Free Cam

  • Line up the nose of the plane with your screen

  • Slowly taxi the plane forward so that it taxis through the screen

  • As it is taxiing through, look at the cabin!


Or just move the camera in it more precisely ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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The proper request for this would be to lock free cam relative to plane. So every plane HAS to have a price that is where they started building the plane on. So the camera would be moved to a certain spot then locked in by hitting a button “lock camera” and to take it a step further you could hit “lock camera” then a bar slides down and has 1-5 on it so you could have different camera spots.


1: co pilot
2. Front if cabin
3. Back of cabin
4. Facing into cockpit on nose or in cockpit on dash.
5. Tip of wing.

That’s what I think

But I’m not tl2 so I cant make a feature. So if yall want to make one tag me in it. Plz

Wouldn’t this fit in this topic?

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Kind of. Hes mainly talking about the lighting and passengers but @SPB2727_Skyteam is talking about a new camera view inside the plane.

Like on the crj

Like so:

Back in 7 it 8 hours. Going to school.

Ik what u mean I wish they added this but the request has like no votes surprisingly