717 and Cessna Citation X cabin purpose?

What was the purpose of the 717 and citation X cabins? Your are unable to access it without glitching into it so i wasn’t sure why its even in the game.

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Don’t know either. But they don’t lag me, so I say putting them in all aircraft!


Perhaps they used them to test feasibility of cabins


If you look through the window it gives a more aesthetically pleasing view. The Cessna 208,172 and Cirrus SR22 also have seats!

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Just some extra details in the model. Probably no real purpose other than just something for you to enjoy.

Or maybe since they have the fuselages, finished they would go ahead and do the inside for the future when they have 3D buildings and passengers

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Everyone always forgets that the C208 has a cabin😄.


I know but the cessna 208 makes sense because it is small


Their are cabins?
I’ve never noticed. Is this a Possibe view?

yes slowly taxi or fly into the insides of the planes

Most likely they tested the cabins on small planes before trying it on bigger models

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Probably cancelled plans

Do you think that maybe they’ll add more interiors to the game. I would die to see Qsuites on the 77W.