717-200 physics

I think that the Boeing 717-200 is ready for a physics change. Anyone else think so?


Yea, it behaves very strange on higher altitudes and on higher speed when autopilot is engaged.

Well, the high speed thing makes sense if you ask me. Just never go over Mach.78 and you’ll be just fine. (.78 is a typical cruising speed) What I mean is when you turn AP on the plane amd it’s vertical speed don’t adjust very smoothly.

Correct, but it even behaves strange under 0.78 mach.

From my experience flying the aircraft, I don’t typically have that issue.

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Either way, I do not want to start an argument.

Nah, that’s dumb. It’s a really cool aircraft though.

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It definitely needs a makeover.

I remember thinking that the 717 was one of the most “modern”/best-handling aircraft in the sim.

My things and standards have changed since then…

Now there always seems something wrong about handling the 717. Feels a bit off and less fluid when compared to other aircraft.

Wasn’t the 717 released in conjuction with the 757 (717 free, 757 paid)?

@Boeing707 Yes, that is how it is. When it first came out it was TOP NOTCH. The first cockpit to have moving throttle and flaps/speed brakes from inside the cockpit. The plane is quite easy to handle for a veteran pilot, as myself. The 717 is my favorite aircraft otherwise. It is an amazing aircraft regardless.

Some random fact: the 717 has interior

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@777-9X I think everyone knows that…

@planeguy58 possibly newcomers don’t

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