717-200 Issue

For me the 717 Will not Work! It just Immediately just Shuts down when I Practice my Landings in solo Mode and Flights. So now I can’t trust The 717 anymore Even when I do My Streams! So Can Someone Please tell me have to Fix this issue?

The 717 is one of the worst aircraft to fly in game, and is definitely the word to land at that. It just sinks with no lift when landing, is this what you mean by ‘shuts down’?

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No! Its one of the best aircrafts of IF… the difficulty is too freakin’ high… love challenging aircrafts

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You have two choices.

  1. Wait for a rework
  2. Keep working on your skills in Solo. I recommend practice using different weight loads at low wind airports. Make sure to attempt landing with different flap settings as well. Hope this helps :)

Hopefully no one takes the “wait for a rework” comment to offense. It’s just generally the truth and my second comment should help somewhat.


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