[70 attending][Sponsored by NonStop Virtual] Huge Frankfurt fly-out | After a succesfull first fly-out | @EDDF 041900ZJAN20


Huge EDDF fly-out

EDDF, better known as Frankfurt International Airport, is the largest airport in Germany and the fourth largest airport in Europe carrying over 65 million passengers in 2018. With Lufthansa’s main base in Frankfurt it’s also used a lot for connecting long haul flights.

Why an EDDF fly-out?

A few weeks ago, I made an IFC message with some polls for my next event. You guys voted a stunning 23 percent on Frankfurt airport.

Event info

Date and time - 2020-01-04T19:00:00Z
Server - Expert server
Airport - EDDF


Terminal 1 | A gates | 5 left
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination city IFC name
A11 LYBE A320 Lufthansa Belgrade @BravoCharlie
A13 UBBB A320 Lufthansa Baku @Altaria55
A14 EDDL A319 Lufthansa Düsseldorf @CptJu
A15 EDDH A320 Lufthansa Hamburg @NJ24
A16 EDDM A320 Lufthansa Munich @Philippe_Gilbert
A17 EDDM A320 Lufthansa Munich @Jakub_Astary
A18 LOWW A319 Lufthansa Vienna
A19 KAUS A330-300 Lufthansa Austin @snoman
A20 LSZH A320 Lufthansa Zürich @Rocco_Rothlisberger
A21 EDDV A319 Lufthansa Hannover
A22 LOWI Bombardier Dash Q400 Austrian Innsbruck @contrailer
A23 EDLP CRJ-900 Lufthansa Paderbon
A23 EDNY CRJ-900 Lufthansa Friedrichshafen
A24 LFMN A319 Lufthansa Nice @Alex_Kraz_2
A25 KIAH B777-200 United Houtston @NathanD
A26 LPPT A320 TAP Lisbon @Bruno_Palma
A28 LOWW A321 Austrian Vienna @Beniamino
A30 EBBR A320 Lufthansa Brussels @Nick_Wing
A34 ESSA A320 SAS Stockholm @Isgrena
A36 UUEE A320 Aeroflot Moscow @Anokhinalex
A38 EIDW A320 Lufthansa Dublin @Will_A
A40 KEWR B747-8 Lufthansa New York @regtravis
A50 EHAM E190 KLM Amsterdam @Edivan_dcds
A52 LFPG CRJ-700 HOP! Paris
A54 KJFK A380-800 Lufthansa New York @Capt.SkyWalker
A58 KJFK A380-800 Singapore Airlines New York @EpicNYC04
A62 OMDB A380-800 Emirates Dubai @QVG-Crunch
A66 HAAB A350-900 Ethiopian Airlines Addis Ababa @GlobalFlyer1
A69 VTBS A350-900 Thai Airways Bangkok @Emiel_l
Terminal 1 | B gates | 4 left
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination city IFC name
B10 EDDS CRJ-900 Lufthansa Stuttgart
B20 KMCO B747-400 Lufthansa Orlando @Armani_B
B22 SBGL B747-8 Lufthansa Rio de Janeiro @PDall
B23 RJTT B777-200ER ANA Tokyo @speedyyy5
B24 EGLL A320 Lufthansa London @Tsumia
B25 RKSI B777-200ER Korean Air Seoul @jetaw
B26 VOBL B747-8 Lufthansa Kempegowda @ran
B27 LEMD CRJ-1000 Iberia Madrid
B28 RJTT B747-8 Lufthansa Tokyo @HerrMrSir
B42 OEJN A319 Saudia Jeddah
B43 LIRF A321 Alitalia Rome @FrancescoM
B44 VHHH A350-900 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong @MThef
B45 KDEN B747-400 Lufthansa Denver @KGJT-9149
B46 OMAA B787-9 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi @E.Heiwegen
B47 LTAC A321 Turkish Airlines Istanbul @Ulsrud_Adventistkirk
B48 OLBA A321 MEA Beirut
Terminal 1 | C gates | 5 left
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination city IFC name
C2 ENGM B737-800 SAS Oslo @axeand
C4 LTFM B737-900 Turkish Airlines Istanbul @Hexmont
C5 BIKF 757-200 Icelandair Reykjavik
C6 LLBG B737-800 El Al Israel Tel Aviv
C8 LDZA A319 Croatia Airlines Zagreb
C11 EGLL A321 British Airways London @ThomasThePro
C13 HECA A330-300 EgyptAir Cairo
C14 UKBB B737-900 Ukraine International Kiev
C15 RCTP A350-900 China Airlines Taipei @Ruky
C16 LSZH A321 Swiss Zürich @Eugene_Leybovich
Terminal 2 | D and E gates | Full
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination city IFC name
D1 EFHK A321 Finnair Helsinki @If_finnair
D4 VIDP B787-8 Air India New Delhi @Manav_Suri
D5 WSSS A380 Lufthansa Singapore @Captain_Tank
D8 RJAA B787-9 JAL Tokyo @wingmandude
E2 VABB B787-8 Air India Mumbai @DhruvChopra
E5 KATL B767-300 Delta Atlanta @LazyGuy222
E6 OMDB B777-300 Emirates Dubai @Adam.Playz
E9 VHHH B777-300 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong @tinytinnytin
Cargo North | F gates | 7 left
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination city IFC name
F211 OMDW B777-F Emirates Cargo Dubai @BraddersP70
F212 MMMX B777-F Lufthansa Cargo Mexico City @Jerseyant
F213 KJFK MD11-F Lufthansa Cargo New York @Mateomaxt
F214 KLAX MD11-F Lufthansa Cargo Los Angeles @SID_LAND
F215 KATL B777-F AeroLogic Atlanta @OC212
F216 ZGGG B777-F China Southern Cargo Guangzhou
F219 SAEZ B777-F Lufthansa Cargo Buenos Aires @Mike_Lima_Tango
F220 EGGW B757-200 DHL London @CaptGG
F221 EHBK B777-F Emirates Maastricht
F223 UAAA MD11-F Lufthansa Cargo Almaty
F225 HECA MD11-F Lufthansa Cargo Cairo
F231 ZBAA B777-F Lufthansa Cargo Beijing
F232 RJAA B777-F Lufthansa Cargo Tokyo @Ramzi_Khairan
F233 ZSPD B777-F Lufthansa Cargo Shanghai
F234 VABB MD11-F Lufthansa Cargo Mumbai @Arun_Kr_Patwari
F235 VOHS MD11-F Lufthansa Cargo Hyderabad
Cargo South | S gates | 6 left
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination city IFC name
S501 ZSPD B777-200F China Cargo Shanghai
S503 UUEE B747-400BCF Atlas Air Moscow
S504 OMAA A330-200F Etihad Cargo Abu Dhabi
S505 KMEM MD-11F FedEx Memphis @VegasAviation
S506 RKSI B777-200F Korean Air Cargo Seoul @Olic99
S507 OTHH B777-200F Qatar Cargo Doha @10R80_Daily
S508 KLAX B777-200F Aerologic Los Angeles @Flying_dutchman1
S601 SBGR B777-200F LAN Cargo Sao Paulo
S602 LTBA A330-200F Turkish Cargo Istanbul
S603 KSDF A330-200F UPS Louisville @cptlogue
S604 EHAM MD-11F Martinair Cargo Amsterdam
Remote stands | G gates | 15 left
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination city IFC name
G1 LGAV B737-800 Ryanair Athens
G2 LROP A318-100 TAROM Bucharest @Alexian61
G3 LEAL B737-800 Ryanair Malaga
G4 GCRR B737-800 Ryanair Lanzarote
G5 LEPA B737-800 TUI Palma de Mallorca
G6 GCTS B737-800 TUI Tenerife
G7 GCTS B737-800 Ryanair Tenerife
G8 LEVC B737-800 Ryanair Valencia
G9 GCFV B737-800 TUI Fuerteventura
G10 LPFR B737-800 Ryanair Faro
G11 LICC B737-800 Ryanair Catania
G12 LEJR B737-800 TUI Jerez
G13 EPKK B737-800 Ryanair Krakow
G14 LGRP B737-800 TUI Rhodes
G15 LPMA B737-800 TUI Funchal
G16 GCLP B737-800 Ryanair Gran Canaria
Remote stands | H gates | 4 left
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination city IFC name
H2 LEMG B737-800 Ryanair Malaga
H4 EIDW B737-800 Ryanair Dublin @Jakub_Smolen
H6 LPPR B737-800 Ryanair Porto
H8 EGSS B737-800 Ryanair London
H12 LEPA B737-800 Ryanair Palma de Mallorca
Remote stands | V aprons | 43 left
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination city IFC name
V164 CYYZ B777-300ER Air Canada Toronto @Bren_McDonell
V166 KDFW B777-300ER American Airlines Dallas @Ramzi_Khairan
V167 RKSI A380-800 Asiana Seoul @BadPlane
V168 SBGR A350-900 LATAM Sao Paulo @Gabriel_Gava
V169 KPHL B777-200ER American Airlines Philadelphia @Luke_Sta


Frankfurt has a bunch of destinations, but because you just cant have every route and every airline at the same time. If you want a route, that is not listed yet, just ask me if I can add it!! Please only request routes that are flown from Frankfurt on a regular base. Spawn at your assigned gate 10-15 minutes before the start to take pictures! You are not allowed to pushback at the same time as the plane next to you. @Flying_dutchman1 will be co-host of this event, so he or me will react to your message(s). To sign up a gate, just mention what gate number you want to have. If there is IFATC, you must follow all the instructions given to you. Not following IFATC instructions, may result in ghosting. And last but not least, Have a lot of fun!!


Event Sponsor

This event is sponsored by NonStopVirtual. Here a little about them

NonStop Virtual group is a professionally oriented Virtual Airline based on the German airline Lufthansa (which, due to copyright issues, we cannot share the name of), with a vibrant community and a helpful staff team ready to help you at any time. We aim to be professional in every aspect, as we dedicate our time to meeting your needs, expanding your experience and broadening your virtual horizons.
We offer over 5500 routes , with a mainline fleet of over 30 aircraft and 20 + available liveries. And with our codeshare network, we offer a total of 60 different aircraft for you to explore the world in.


That’s right! Were back at it! Can we get the same attendance again???

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Can I get the flight to EHAM operated by KLM?



Got ya in @Edivan_dcds. Thank you for you attendance!!

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Sign me up! NSV010 to Tokyo in 748 Lufthansa

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I’ll take a gate to Doha with the Qatar Airways 777! Thanks!

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And another flight to RJTT by ana as @regtravis

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Okay Could I have Air India Service to VABB instead of VIDP
They do have service to VABB as well along with VIDP
Call Sign AIVA025

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Can I have S503?

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Another great event thread guys.


I’ll take the Finnair Flight To Helsinki Gate D1

currently we only have the A380 Qatar to Doha. Are you okay with that?
Or do you mean Qatar Cargo?

I’ll take this!

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@Manav_Suri. I’ll get you on that route but another gate

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Sounds good!

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I got you all in.
Exept for @GlobalFlyer1. see message above.

Sign me up. NSV002

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Could you add LH cargo to RJAA? And sign me up! Thanks

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is that B777-200F or MD-11F? @Ramzi_Khairan

Can I have the gate A24 please.

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