[70+ Attended!] The Snowy Flyout: Hosted by The Regulars @ CYVR, CYHZ, CYYG & CYUL - 281800ZDEC19 ~ Serviced by IFATC

That’s right, we’re back. The Regulars’ event is returning, this time featuring the land of everything maple! Come visit the Canadian Rockies, fly among the best of the Infinite Flight Community, and enjoy service to all six inhabited continents.

Maple. Coloured. Horizon.

Airports: Vancouver (CYVR), Halifax (CYHZ), Charlottetown (CYYG), Montreal (CYUL)

Airport Information

Vancouver (CYVR)

Vancouver International Airport is an international airport in Richmond, British Columbia. It is the primary international airport serving Vancouver, about 12 km (7.5 mi) from Downtown Vancouver. It is the second busiest airport in Canada by aircraft movements (306,799) and passengers (25.9 million), behind Toronto Pearson International Airport. It is often described as a trans-Pacific hub, with more direct flights to China than any other airport in North America or Europe. It is a hub for Air Canada and WestJet, and an operating base for Air Transat. Vancouver International Airport is one of eight Canadian airports that have US Border Preclearance facilities. It is also one of the few major international airports to have a terminal for scheduled floatplanes.

Montreal (CYUL)

Montréal–Trudeau International Airport or Montréal–Trudeau, formerly known as Montréal–Dorval International Airport, is an international airport in Dorval, Quebec. It is the primary international airport serving Montreal, 20 km (12 mi) from downtown Montreal. The airport terminals are located entirely in the suburb of Dorval, while one runway is located in the Montreal borough of Saint-Laurent. Air Canada, the country’s flag carrier, also has its corporate headquarters complex on the Saint-Laurent side of the airport. It also serves Greater Montreal and adjacent regions in Quebec and eastern Ontario, as well as the states of Vermont and northern New York in the United States. The airport is named in honour of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the 15th Prime Minister of Canada and father of current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Halifax (CYHZ)

Halifax Stanfield International Airport is a Canadian airport in Goffs, Nova Scotia, Canada, a rural community of the Halifax Regional Municipality. It serves the Halifax area, mainland Nova Scotia and adjacent areas in the neighbouring Maritime provinces. The airport is named in honour of Robert Stanfield, the 17th Premier of Nova Scotia and leader of the federal Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. The airport, owned by Transport Canada since it was constructed, has been operated since 2000 by the Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA). It forms part of the National Airports System. Halifax Stanfield is the 8th busiest airport in Canada by passenger traffic. It handled a total of 4,316,079 passengers in 2018 and 84,045 aircraft movements in 2017. It is a hub for Air Canada Express, Cougar Helicopters, Maritime Air Charter, PAL Airlines and SkyLink Express.

Charlottetown (CYYG)

Charlottetown Airport is located 3 nautical miles (5.6 km; 3.5 mi) north of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The airport is currently run by the Charlottetown Airport Authority, is owned by Transport Canada and forms part of the National Airports System. The airport is classified as an airport of entry by NAV CANADA and is staffed by the Canada Border Services Agency. CBSA officers at this airport can handle aircraft with no more than 60 passengers or 368 if off-loaded in stages.

Credit: Wikipedia

Server: Expert

Date & Time: 2019-12-28T18:00:00Z2019-12-29T06:00:00Z

Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)

Concourse A
Gate Airline Route Aircraft Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
06 Air Canada CYYC A319
07 Westjet CYYZ 737 @Infinite_Flight_Sims
08 Air Canada CYWG A319 @antek
09 Delta KSEA 737-800
10 Westjet CYEG 737-800 @Ecoops123
12A Air Canada CYVR A320 @flyme2bluemoon
Concourse B
Gate Airline Route Aircraft Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
13 Delta KATL 737-900 @CaptDrew
14 United KDEN A320 @Eugene_Leybovich @m_de41
15 Alaska KPDX E175 (Generic Livery) @Captain_Merka
16 Aeromexico MMMX 737-800
17 United KORD 737-800 @TranX
18 Air Canada CYWG CRJ-900
19 Westjet KPSP 737-800 @Tsumia
20 Westjet PHNL 737-800 @anon41771314 @ILOVE7879-2.0
21 Air Canada KSMF CRJ-900 @SaberToothCamel
22 Air Canada CYZP Q400 @CaptainDixon
26 Air Canada CYZF CRJ-900
27 United KIAH A320
28 Delta KSLC A319 @Zach007
Concourse C
Gate Airline Route Aircraft Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
29 Delta KMSP 737-900 @ButterAllDay
32 Air Canada KSJC CRJ-900
44 Icelandair BIKF 757-200 @Eseriess
46 ANA RJTT 787-9 (Generic Livery)
47 British Airways EGLL 747-400 @Alphadog4646 @TimShan05
48 Air Canada YSSY 777-200LR @10R80_Daily
49 Air New Zealand NZAA 787-9 @Sashaz55
52 Qantas YSSY 747-400 @QVGVxnsh58
50 China Southern ZGGG 787-8
51 Lufthansa EDDF 747-400 @Claudio @Mateomaxt
Concourse D
Gate Airline Route Aircraft Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
53 Air Canada RJAA 787-9 @Matrooxien
54 Air France LFPG 777-200ER @DhruvChopra
55 Philippine Airlines RPLL 777-300ER @58RL1MP2K
56 EVA Air RCTP 777-300ER (Generic Livery)
60 KLM EHAM A330-300 @jamie_pharoah
61 Xiamen Air ZSAM 787-8
62 Korean Air RKSI 787-9 (Generic Livery) @Soviet_Salsa
63 Air Canada VIDP 787-9 @Captain_Sid @Siddhant
64 Air China ZBAA 777-300ER (Generic Livery)
65 Cathay Pacific VHHH 777-300ER @Kiz @Captain_JR
66 Lufthansa EDDM A350-900 @Martwana @Ecoops123
67 Hong Kong Airlines VHHH A350-900 (Generic Livery)
70 China Airlines RCTP A350-900 @MSP_Aviation @Phil1988 @TaipeiGuru
71 Air Canada ZSPD 787-9 @Altaria55
73 Air Canada YMML 787-9 @L_25 @EyesSkyward
75 Air Canada CYYZ 777-300ER @NBSYT

Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (CYUL)

Gate Airline Route Aircraft Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
08 Air Canada CYHZ A319 @Gabe_Z @TRDubh
10 Air Canada CYQB CRJ-200 @Butter_Boi
22 Air Canada CYVR A319 @flyme2bluemoon
27 Air Canada CYXU Q400
30 Air Canada CYWG A319
47 Porter Airlines CYTZ Q400 @Ecoops123 @TheFlyingGuy1
56 Air Canada CYYC A320 (Use A319)
Remote W05 Air Canada CYVR 787-9 @VASAviation
Transborder (USA)
Gate Airline Route Aircraft Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
05 United KORD ERJ-170
06 Delta KATL CRJ-900
09 Delta KJFK CRJ-900 @RTG113
12 Air Canada KBOS CRJ-900
15 American KPHL CRJ-900
17 Air Canada KDFW ERJ-175
19 Air Canada KPHX A319
21 Air Canada KLAX A320 (Use A319)
23 Delta KMSP CRJ-900
25 Air Canada KMIA A319
32 American KCLT CRJ-900
34 Delta KDTW CRJ-700
53 Air Canada KLAS A319
54 Air Canada KMCO A319 @ButterAllDay
Gate Airline Route Aircraft Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
Remote E01 British Airways EGLL 787-8 (Use Generic B788)
07 Aeromexico MMMX 737-800
11B Air China ZBAA 787-9
28 Air Canada MUSC A319
50 Air Canada LSGG A330-300
51 Air France LFPG 777-200ER @Infinite_Qantas @OneB
52 Air Canada SBGR 787-9 @ButterAllDay
55 Austrian LOWW 767-300 (Generic Livery)
57 Air Canada LFPG 777-300ER
58 Lufthansa EDDM A350-900 @GlobalFlyer1 @Capt.SkyWalker @Rocco
59 Air Canada EGLL 777-300ER
60 Air Canada RJAA 787-9 @Aviation-21
61 Air France LFPG 777-300ER @Greggoose972
62 Turkish Airlines LTFM A330-300 (Use Generic A333) @Alexian61
63 Royal Jordanian OJAI 787-8
64 Qatar Airways OTHH 777-300ER @HazemRaafat
65 Swiss LSZH A330-300 @SunDown @Levet
73 Air Canada EDDF 777-300ER
Remote W01 Air Canada LOWW 767-300
Remote W02 Royal Air Maroc GMMN 787-8 @Kartik_kapoor
Remote W03 Air Canada ZSPD 787-9
Remote W04 Copa Airlines MPTO 737-800
Remote S04 Air Canada GMMN A330-300
Remote S05 Air Canada MUHA 787-9
Remote N01 SWISS Zurich A333 @CPTWilliam (Reserved Flight to Zurich)
Remote N02 Air Canada EBBR 787-9
Remote N03 Air Transat MTPP A330-300 (Use Generic A333)
Remote N04 Air Canada LEBL 767-300
Remote N05 Air Canada SPJC 767-300
Remote N06 KLM Royal Dutch EHAM A330-200 (Use Generic A333)
Remote N07 Air Canada LIRF A330-300

Halifax Stanfield International Airport (CYHZ)

Gate Airline Route Aircraft Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
02A Air Canada CYYZ A320 @Altaria55
02C Air Canada CYUL CRJ-900 @den.aviation
03 Westjet CYQY Q400
09 Porter CYOW Q400 @anon79257371
12 Westjet CYYT Q400
14 Westjet CYYC 737-800 @Alex_L
15 Air Canada CYQX Q400
16 Air Canada CYDF Q400
18 Westjet CYEG 737-800
20 Air Canada CYYR Q400
23 Air Canada CYOW CRJ-900 @CR3W
27 Porter CYJT Q400 @Ecoops123
Gate Airline Route Aircraft Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
02E United KEWR ERJ-175 (Generic Livery)
05 United KEWR ERJ-175 (Generic Livery) @Matt_B
06 Air Canada KBOS Q400
07 Air Canada KMCO A319
08 Westjet KMCO 737-800
22 Westjet EGKK 737-800
24 Westjet EIDW 737-800 @Jack_Q
26 Westjet MMUN 737-800
Gate Airline Route Aircraft Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
Cargo Apron 1 Korean Air Cargo PANC 777-200F
Cargo Apron 2 Korean Air Cargo PANC 777-200F

Charlottetown Airport (CYYG)

All Gates
Gate Airline Route Aircraft Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
01 Air Canada CYYZ CRJ-900 @Firelicious
02 Air Canada CYUL CRJ-200 @Ecoops123
03 Air Canada CYUL CRJ-200 @John_Hayden
04 Air Canada CYYZ CRJ-900
05 Westjet CYYZ 737-800 @Dendenawesome_14
GA 01 N/A C172 Pattern Work
GA 02 N/A CYQM C172 @Everything_Matthew
GA 03 N/A KSEA Citation X @BadPlane
GA 04 Your Choice Your Choice Your Choice
GA 05 Your Choice Your Choice Your Choice
GA 06 Your Choice Your Choice Your Choice
GA 07 Your Choice Your Choice Your Choice

All charts can be found here.
Pages are as follows:
CYVR: p120
CYUL: p535
CYHZ: p657
CYYG: p641

  • Please follow the rules of the Expert Server and act professionally at all times.
  • IFATC will be present; however, if no ATC is active, Unicom should be used appropriately.
  • We take no responsibility for any violations or reports received during the event.
  • When requesting a flight, please state the departure airport, gate number and wave. Wave times can be found in the chart below.
  • Feel free to post event pictures below!

Each airport has 3 set times for when you are able to depart. Wave 1, Wave 2 and Wave 3. See the chart below for exact departure times.

Thanks to @Velocity23, @CR3W, @GlobalFlyer1, @TaipeiGuru and @Captain_JR for being our committee.

Also a massive thanks to our helpers @Luke_Sta, @IF_Aviation1, @Kacey, @Niccckk, @JacksonAviation, @Zach007, @Sashaz55, @Infinite_Flight_Sims, @TheFlyingGuy1 and @Qantas094. We couldn’t have done it without all your hard work.

Banners by @Niccckk

Image below by @Sashaz55

Thanks to @Tyler_Shelton for allowing this event to have ATC and for putting a TFR in place during the event.


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Sign me up CYVR-EGLL British Airways B747 Gate 47 Wave 1 please🙂👍

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Is it possible to change destinations?

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