7 Things To do on Infinite Flight (While Banned From Expert)

So those of you that know me in IFATC, know that I received a system ghost a few days ago while I stepped away from my device, meaning I’m currently banned from the Expert Server. However when most people are ghosted, by the system or not, I feel like people typically just give up flying for the week. However, that is not the case! There are still plenty of things to take part in outside the Expert Server, that I feel are overlooked.

  1. Fly A Route That You Don’t Usually Fly!
    Many times, with the pressure of following IFATC in their designated regions around the globe, one might not ever get to fly a route you’ve always wanted to fly! Maybe you can fly out of your small town airport that’s never featured, or fly a long haul, or even circumnavigate the globe! Without the presence of IFATC, the creativity is always in your hands.

  2. Practice Some Stunts!
    Remember, aerobatics are also a big part of the aviation world! Whether it’s an air show, or a race, stunt maneuvers are a fun and important part of aviation. Hop on casual, and start practicing fighter maneuvers! Enter a cub and try to fly to space! Or, pretend you’re demonstrating the versatility of a new airliner by performing a vertical takeoff at an air show! The possibilities are endless!

  3. Practice ATC!
    If not already an IFATC, this could be your chance to discover your passion as a controller. Open a frequency on Training Server and practice your skills! Already feel prepared and want to create a realistic practice? Start an ATC Tracking Thread in #atc , so your fellow community members can follow your ATC journey and provide helpful feedback!

  1. Help out at an ATC Tracking Thread!
    Already have knowledge of ATC? Then share your wisdom by flying at a Tracking Thread for your follow community members! Provide your feedback and help a prospective controller be the best they can be!

  2. Infinite Flight Virtual Airlines and Organizations!
    Some VA’s and VO’s only require grade 2, so this is a great thing to take part in while removed from Expert! Bond with fellow members, and get to know more people within our vast community. Make sure the VA / VO does not have and ghost probation periods though. If you received an IFATC ghost, you may have to wait to join.

  3. Easter Eggs!
    Another way to stay occupied, is to have some fun and try to discover some Easter eggs in Infinite Flight! I promise you, there are many! Try to find some for your self, or ask a community member for help!

  4. Events!
    The #live:events category has many events hosted by fellow community members and VAs! Although some of those events take place on Expert, many of the events take place on Training or Casual as well! This is another great way to have a little fun while removed from the Expert Server.

I hope you enjoyed some ideas of things to do without the Expert Server. Overall, because of this system ghost, I’ve become more appreciative of the Training and and Casual Servers. Remember, the Expert Server is not the “End all, Be all” of Infinite Flight. There are still things to do! So don’t take a week-long break from flying. Have some fun on one of the other servers instead. After all, you’ll be back flying on Expert in no time! 😁



It’s exactly my situation :D
door bell rang
my dash 8 leveled off in 9000 feet
when i came back it went 360 kts or something^^
several violations in a row, yaaaay! :D


Working on regaining my IFATC certification after being inactive for 5 1/2 months. Got a system ghost, and I’ve been doing many of the same things you’ve been doing. Buzzing people on casual in an F-16 is turning out to be my guilty pleasure.

Aren’t IFATC not allowed to control on the training server?


I some violations a few days ago, so I’m spending the week on Casual :(

I’ve been trying these out!


yes, we are not allowed to control on TS, but I believe this thread is supposed to be for all pilots, and those who are not in IFATC can take advantage of this😁


I’m glad these ideas helped!

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Aerobatics is my number one solution. Nothing beats being a Virtual F-22 Demo Pilot 👍🏻


Can I ask you why IFATC are not allowed to control in the training server?

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Thanks Misha ghosted me for no apparent reason

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IFATC are not allowed to control in the training server because they have the ability to Ghost pilots, so because the Training Server is full of inexperienced pilots an IFATC controller can abuse their ghosting powers. On the other hand they are expert server controllers so what’s the need? Lol


To allow people a chance to practice and discover a passion for controlling.

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Ooh that makes sense now… thanks for letting me know!!

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Has anybody ever thought of aerial refueling???


yes hahaha same here working on my ifatc for 6months on the last test and was doing well than i got ghosted so another 2months i guess hahaha

Why don’t you contact Misha yourself? Ask why he (assuming) ghosted you? It happened to me once but he was forgiving and undid it.

I just stop flying, unless it was my last straw and I only have expert

But the point of this post was to give ideas to do stuff so you don’t have to stop flying 😩😂😂

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Well then, YOU FAILED ME

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Jokes of course

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Ooh, I have an 8!!! Buzz LAX!!.. only me? okay :(