7 Million XP, Hundreds Of Memories

7 Million XP, Hundreds Of Memories

Hey everyone! Today I achieved another milestone in my Infinite Flight journey and as part of the community… 7 million XP. After becoming an Infinite Flight user and community member in July 2017, I’ve finally reached this new milestone which has been accomplished in 10,900+ hours of flight time and more than 2,800+ landings.

Whilst achieving 7 million XP is an amazing accomplishment in itself, the real accomplishment is the hundreds of memories that I’ve had over the 6+ years that I’ve been an Infinite Flight user for. It has been wonderful to meet so many people that share the same passion and love for aviation from all walks of life and different corners of the globe.

One of my biggest memories to date was being lucky enough to attend FlightSimExpo in Houston, Texas this year and put faces to names and meet people that I’ve talked to for years here on the forum finally in person.

I’ve also have the privilege of working within the IFATC team as a Recruiter, Trainer and Supervisor which is something that I’m incredibly grateful for. To have the opportunity to help grow and develop others within the ranks of IFATC and see them progress within the team is something that is certainly very rewarding indeed.

I’m looking forward to seeing where the future takes not only me, but Infinite Flight and the community in general. I look forward to continuing to make memories and new friendships along the way.

See you all in the skies!


Congratulations on this massive milestone!


Congratulations on this amazing achievement! Here’s to many more millions of xp with this amazing community!


Thanks so much!

Thanks so much! Can’t wait to see what the future holds.


Bro howww im joking
Congratulations on this huge huge achievement


Congratulations Declan!

Next milestone is 10 Million XP 🤪

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Nice one Declan💪🏽✨


Congratulations mate!!


Thanks for the kind words! Appreciate it!

Who said we can’t count 8 and 9 Million XP as milestones as well? 😂

Thanks so much, Leah!

Thanks heaps Joel!


They are small milestones…

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‘7 Million XP, MILLIONS of Memories’ would fit more.

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I was thinking that but I didn’t want to exaggerate too much, haha!

Congrats my man @Declan 🦘

Congrats! ( characters )

Congrats Declan

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